ISO and PMI Construction Engineering Consulting

We offer to our distinguished clientele the accompaniment to the process of lifting civil works, applying the international quality standards ISO 9000 and 21500, as well as the good practices established in the extension of the Project Management Body of Knowledge of the Project Management Institute.

Design of Architectural Plans

From classic 2D to 3D modeling in: paths, architectural cuts, installations and finishes, with their respective metric calculations, including animation so that the final customer can observe the approximation of the final work.

Lead Construction Advice

Additionally, we provide builders with professional advice in Lead Construction, in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of civil works.

Import and Export of Materials, Tools and Machinery

So that the service offered by Merx Dinamics is global, we also seek the search, import, export and commercialization of important materials, tools and machinery for civil works builders.